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Teifi Concrete; Concrete Product Manufacturer in Wales

Teifi Concrete is based in Lampeter in Ceredigion West Wales. We offer a wide range of concrete-based services for Private, Commercial & Industrial Clients as well as provide aggregates for every need from construction through to, agriculture, landscaping and gardening all over the United Kingdom.

reinforced concrete panelsConcrete Block Manufacturer in Wales

    • We manufacture our own Concrete Blocks and sell both Solid and hollow concrete blocks in 4", 6" & 9" sizes.
    • We Sell & Deliver a range of Aggregates and Sand in 25kg single bags, Bulk Bags as well as bulk deliveries from 1 ton to 29 tons.
    • We also sell Ornamental Stone such as Slate, Cotswold Chippings, and Golden Flint with UK Delivery available on all orders.

Contact Teifi Concrete today for molded, pre-stressed Concrete Panels and Freestanding Concrete Panels as well as Concrete Floor Beams and Concrete Lintels.

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Cement | Dense paint grade solid Blocks | Medium Density Blocks | Pumice Insulation Blocks
De-Icing Salt | Rockface Blocks | Sand | Concrete Panels | Concrete Lintels | Slate
Cattle Cubicle | PSV Type 1 | Golden Flint | Cotswold Chippings | Concrete Water Trough | Clean Gravel

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